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Die Story in Bildern


My parents, Rosemary (holding me), Sue and Mary Lou, outside the cubby house in Albany, in 1945 Roger and I cutting our wedding cake on 6 September 1966 Roger and Peter (2) and I, in the apartment in Wellington, in 1970
With Roger and Kylie (7) outside the shop in the ashram, in India, 1979 Roger, Peter (10), Kylie (8), and me, in the ashram in Pune, in 1979 Happy reunion in Oregon when Roger, Peter (13) and Kylie (11) arrived from Australia in Oregon, 1982
Waiting with Peter (15) for Bhagwan to drive by, in Rajneeshpuram, in 1984 Die Story
in Bildern
Peter (15), Kylie (13) and I, in Rajneeshpuram, in 1984
The opening of the new Saftladen in Karlsruhe, in 1989. I am standing next to the organ grinder. George and I reading to our guests from the Song of Solomon, on our wedding day, 10 August 1990. Phil Lewis, my legal counsel, and I at Portland airport. 31 January 2006.
Dad (89 years old) with the wood he chopped on a visit to Germany, in 1996. Peter (26) and Kylie (24) on a visit to Germany Peter and I on my birthday in April 2006.


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